The vision of All and All Crosses (AAC) is to assist designated organizations that assist individuals who need financial assistance on a temporary basis.  Therefore, those with a lower income who just need to make ends meet.  
Melody Koonce is the founder of AAC. She is a married mother of two adult children her son age 30 and her daughter age 25 who just graduated with honors, Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Digital Media from U of H with a B.S. in Digital Media.
There was a time where she was in need of assistance and felt she and her family had no where else to turn. The stress they felt when a bill couldn’t get paid or there wasn’t much food on the table was most unbearable.   They felt they were too embarrassed to ask anyone outside of there immediate family or church. In some cases they were turned down from places where they knew would help but just wouldn’t.  
But, they continued to persevere and continued to have faith that things would turn around and to just keep moving forward.  The founders of AAC felt they needed to do something to give back to help someone just like them! The scripture that helped her through was 2 Corinthians 9:6-15. AAC has opted to give a portion of proceeds to selected organizations that assist low income families during desperate times of need. Whether it be for a funeral, for an unexpected loss of a family member, temporary loss of employment due to layoffs during these difficult times, etc.  
When you purchase something from all in all crosses you will know that your purchase can assist those who just need a helping hand for a temporary situation.
Thank you for your continued Support!